The analysis of the 5 major difficulties of agricultural lighting after the LED
In recent years, with the rapid development of the red, blue and far infrared high-power monochrome LED technology, the application of LED in the field of agricultural lighting has caused wide attention. Agricultural lighting multidisciplinary, complexity and difficulty of the test, optical selectivity and spectral weighting and evaluation index of diversity of core problem were preliminarily, and Dendrobium candidum fill experiments as examples are fully discussed. Agricultural lighting has a broad application prospect, it is necessary to further explore the lighting optimization condition by the research of agricultural science.
On earth, the vast majority of the animals and plants growth are inseparable from the solar light irradiation, but in different regions and different time, sunlight supply is limited and differentiated, avoid light cycle, there are still many light according to the situation of inadequate, and artificial light source in the growth of animals and plants fill light arises at the historic moment. Before the LED technology, mainly rely on high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp light source for, however this kind of traditional light sources in the spectra and energy is not flexible and as plant diversity, different species of artificial lighting requirements may be different, slow the application and development of artificial lighting.
LED is the rapid development of lighting technology in recent years. In addition to the light efficiency and life than traditional light source has a lot of advantages, led in the spectral space, time and scale space tremendous flexibility, creating a LED in plants fill huge application prospect. At the same time, in recent years, LED technology has been improved, the light efficiency and other continuous improvement, the rapid decline in prices, and promote the use of LED for agricultural lighting, the substantive progress. However, due to the complexity of agricultural lighting, the current LED used in agricultural lighting is in a constant trial and error, there are many theoretical issues and practical problems are not resolved, this paper attempts to carry out some one-sided exposition in these areas.
A multi discipline of agricultural lighting
If the plant lighting and lighting into the agricultural lighting range, disciplines involved, including botany, animal and biostatistics, lighting technology and control technology. The first three is the field of biology, and the latter is the area of lighting technology, the subject is very wide. In these subjects, lighting technology is a technical means, and the content of biology is the experimental process and result evaluation. In general, the knowledge of biology is the most important part of agricultural lighting, but the main refers to the use of LED lighting technology, and the high degree of flexibility, LED, making the agricultural lighting process, as the main body of scientific home, and the need to achieve the best lighting conditions, and the success of the lighting discipline in the visual field, but also the agricultural lighting is worth learning. Therefore, the discipline of agricultural lighting and technological progress, the need for agricultural and biological scientists and scientists in the field of lighting in close cooperation.
Two, the complexity of agricultural lighting
As the 1 science and technology related to agriculture, agricultural lighting has inherited the complexity of agricultural science, as mentioned before, which includes two aspects: agriculture and lighting.
The former study species are very many, and every 1 species, the impact of the conditions are also very many. Such as several basic elements of plant growth, sunlight, air, water, in addition, the seed, soil, the surrounding environment such as temperature, humidity, climate change, but also affect the growth of plants. And animals, due to the activities of, including the factors more even if all of these conditions, each of the movable the growth of individual plants may also have differences, which determines the research of agricultural lighting must be studied in biostatistics.
In addition to lighting, there are many variables, including the illumination of the spectrum, intensity, time and cycle, light form (steady or pulse), etc..
Above two aspects, the complexity of the agricultural lighting, although the intensity of the regulation of light intensity optimization of the growth of plants and animals, can be maintained in the same conditions, but may exist in the interaction of various conditions will make the study more complicated.
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